Belgian Interiors

  • Where Architects Live | Atelier 10.8

    Atelier 10.8 co-founder Henri Van den Broeke invites est inside his Ghent apartment, which he describes as “classical with a twist”.

  • Home Tour | Torhout by Laura Calleeuw

    A newly-built home in the historic Belgian town of Torhout draws materially-rich design cues from its surroundings.

  • Home Tour | Belgian Home by Laura Calleeuw

    Belgian designer Laura Calleeuw explores an architectural interplay of lines to design interiors that say more with less.

  • est Magazine Preview | Knokke by Benôit Viaene

    As featured in our latest issue, a Belgian beachside home by Benôit Viaene transcends seasons to become a calming year-round family destination.

  • Home Tour | La Valeur Positive by Marie Lecluyse

    Belgian architect Marie Lecluyse reshapes a longstanding family home in the Flemish countryside for the next generation.

  • Home Tour | City Apartment FG and AG by Dries De Malsche

    Two connecting apartments in the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium affirm Dries De Malsche’s natural hand at minimalist design.

  • Old Factory by Arjaan De Feyter

    Harnessing pure forms and honest materials, Arjaan De Feyter converts an old factory in Antwerp, Belgium into an utterly fluent family home.

  • House LD by Stay Studio

    House LD by Stay Studio, located in Kortrijk, Belgium, speaks to the most telltale elements of Belgian design. 

  • Residential Project D by Dennis T’Jampens

    Step inside a barn-inspired home on the leafy outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, designed by Belgian architect Dennis T’Jampens.

  • Brussels Apartment by Stef Claes

    Belgian architect Stef Claes shares his latest residential project, the redesign of an inner-city Brussels apartment.