Brick home

  • A Progressive Queenslander by Vokes and Peters

    In partnership with Brickworks, we explore how Brisbane-based firm Vokes and Peters challenge the Queensland suburban vernacular with their brick Casuarina House, designed for a family of three.

  • Mayfield Avenue by studiofour

    We explore studiofour’s Mayfield Avenue project built around a central garden, where every moment considers ‘mind, body and spirit’.

  • Edsall Street by Ritz & Ghougassian

    What’s it like to design a home for your close friends? Directors Jean-Paul Ghougassian and Gilad Ritz of Melbourne firm Ritz & Ghougassian are the ones to ask.

  • Centralpark Residence by studiofour

    With so much more to this home than meets the eye, Studio Four has transformed this 1970s brick home into an unexpectedly Scandinavian family sanctuary.

  • South Yarra Home by Hecker Guthrie

    Hecker Guthrie work closely with the owner and builder of a new home in Melbourne’s suburb of South Yarra, to create a light and robust abode that’s sensitive to its surrounds and the family within.

  • Creating the Foundations of Family Living with Clare Cousins

    We walk through a modern brick addition and alteration of a double-fronted Victorian by Clare Cousins, in partnership with Brickworks.

  • A Tribute to the Red Brick by JCBA

    Jackson Clements Burrows Architects celebrate the enduring foundations of a heritage home through a bold two-storey addition made with the same trusted materials.

  • The Brick Home of Diane Keaton

    We take a tour through the brick home of Diane Keaton and learn the celebrity’s love for rustic design, inspired by a tapestry of Pinterest imagery.