Cafe design

  • Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    Harbord Hotel by Alexander & Co. offers a unique hospitality experience on one of Sydney’s most renowned surf beaches.

  • Budapest Cafe by Biasol

    We’re off to Carlton’s newest cafe and eatery designed by Biasol, inspired by Wes Anderson’s Academy Award-winning film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  • Bicycle Thieves by Pierce Widera

    Located in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Northcote, Bicycle Thieves by Pierce Widera is an eatery that pays homage to its Italian namesake.

  • Best of est 2019 | Hospitality Spaces

    Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to our fine hospitality offering. So much so, we’ve collated our six favourite hospitality spots in 2019.

  • Bentwood Cafe by Ritz & Ghougassian

    Friends successfully team up to bring Bentwood Cafe to life, by drawing on the rich history and materiality of its landmark building.