Canadian design

  • At Home With | Interior Designer Justine Golden

    Forest Hill is a layered and evocative house in Toronto, Canada home to MT Home founder and interior designer Justine Golden.

  • Alma House by Atelier Barda

    As a complete reimagining, Alma House by Atelier Barda sees the remodelling of an existing building, with a focus on the inside-out.

  • MTR Residence by Alain Carle Architecte

    Anchored to its undulating and steeply sloping site, MTR Residence sits overlooking one of Quebec’s most revered lakes.

  • The Rock by Gort Scott

    London-based architects Gort Scott design a home built into a rock in Whistler, British Columbia as an extension of the landscape it inhabits.

  • Residence du Rocher by APPAREIL Architecture

    Originally designed by a famed local architect, Residence du Rocher receives a tactile rework by an esteemed successor, APPAREIL architecture.

  • Gauthier Residence by Atelier Barda

    We take a dose of design from our French Canadian friends at Atelier Barda, who’ve excelled at a rural abode for the horse lover and artist within.

  • True North by Alain Carle Architecte

    Alain Carle Architecte designs a robust home for the complex terrain in rural Ontario, accomodating the man-made surrounds.