derek swalwell

  • York Street by Lucy Clemenger Architects

    York Street by Lucy Clemenger Architects adopts and distils similarly disparate dialogues, refining them so that nothing feels out of place. 

  • Art at Home | Photography and the Environment

    In the first feature of our Art at Home series, we explore environmental art photography through the lens of eight pre-eminent photographers.

  • Future Classic | The DTILE

    We’re putting the ‘simple but complicated’ DTILE on a pedestal in the third feature of our Future Classic Series.

  • Photographer Derek Swalwell’s Farnsworth + Miller Exhibition

    We take a look at photographer Derek Swalwell’s much-anticipated collection of photographs that capture two of the worlds most iconic mid-century houses.

  • Scandinavian Style in a Richmond Home

    A Melbourne residential setting and Scandinavian style collide in the latest campaign from Barnaby Lane.

  • Going West

    Photographer Derek Swalwell turns his attention from Australian interiors to the US West Coast in this new exhibition.

  • Elwood Townhouse

    Aren’t we all just a little intrigued as to how architects and designers build and design their own homes? We like… continue reading.