Designer Hotel

  • Best of est 2019 | Design Accommodation

    Join us in our end of year review as we revisit five standout examples of design accommodation, from all four corners of the globe. 

  • Parilio Hotel by Interior Design Laboratorium

    Discover the Cycladic-inspired Parilio Hotel on the Greek island of Paros, designed by Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium. 

  • The Finca Es Bec d’Aguila by Atelier Du Pont

    We journey to the Balearic island of Menorca to explore one of its latest luxury stays; The Finca Es Bec d’Aguila.

  • The Calile Hotel by Richards & Spence

    We seek out an exclusive tour of Australia’s first urban resort The Calile Hotel by Richards & Spence in the sunny city of Brisbane.

  • An Insider’s Guide to Halcyon House

    It only took a short trip to cement Halcyon House as one of our favourite accommodation destinations in Australia.