est Magazine issue #44

  • Design Covet | Kitchens Shaped by Craft

    We step inside 12 kitchens from around the globe where design is shaped by craft, as featured in est magazine issue #44.

  • Nine to Know | Pulls and Knobs

    Nine pulls and knobs demonstrate the designer’s ability to transform everyday functional fittings into unforgettable design details.

  • In Conversation | Frederic Kielemoes

    We get to know the Belgian designer behind one of the best-loved kitchens inside est magazine issue #44: Modern Craft – Frederic Kielemoes.

  • Can Brut by Framework Studio

    Step inside a villa on the island of Ibiza that adheres to a design vernacular that is both steeped in tradition and tethered to now.

  • Madison Desert Club by Kovac Design Studio

    Madison Desert Club by Californian architectural firm Kovac Design Studio is equal parts vacation home and boutique hotel.