• Home Tour | Henri Martin by Atelier MKD

    Uncovering lost heritage detailing and weaving in a contemporary sensibility, Atelier MKD instils Henri Martin with a modern relevance.

  • Design Destination | BOS COS by Febrero Studio

    BOS COS Sevilla by Febrero Studio is a refreshing take on boutique holiday accommodation in the Andalusian city of Seville.

  • Home Tour | Verbier Chalet by Studio Piet Boon

    In the Swiss Alpine village of Verbier, Studio Piet Boon convert a timber chalet into a refined abode for a young family. 

  • Design Stays to Visit in 2023

    We pinpoint five new stays for the design-discerning traveller, from Sydney’s Surry Hills to the Puglian countryside.

  • Design Destination | HoY by Charlotte Gomez de Orozco

    HoY is a Parisian refuge informed by three pillars; connection to place, connection to nature and connection to self.

  • Home Tour | Residence Blanke Top by Eline Ostyn

    Looking outward for inspiration, the sandy dunes of Cadzand, the Netherlands, inspire the resulting palette for Residence Blanke Top.

  • Riverside House by Grand and Johnson

    Immersed within dense woodlands in the Netherlands, Riverside House sees interior design studio Grand and Johnson create an idyllic escape.

  • Guest House by Charlotte Vercruysse

    Charlotte Vercruysse layers darkened and mood-enhancing elements to create the Guest House – a place to disconnect for its owners.

  • Krombeke by Minus

    Krombeke by design studio Minus captures the spirit of its owners and their passion for richness through layers.

  • Brussels Apartment by AE Studio

    Rich and immersive, Brussels Apartment by AE Studio combines textural depth and diversity with the comforting sense of home.

  • L20 House by Paulsen and Nilsen

    L20 House sees Paulsen and Nilsen layer textured and burnished warmth within the interior of an existing apartment in the Scandinavian Alps.

  • At Home with John Pawson

    We explore British designer John Pawson’s Home Farm in Cotswolds, UK; the backdrop for his new cookbook, Home Farm Cooking.

  • The Rough House by Niels Maier

    Inspired by the original home’s artisanal and crafted elements, The Rough House is an expression of the maker and the process of making.