• Home Tour | Horizon Flinders by Mim Design

    Mim Design’s latest residential project in Flinders, Victoria is a love letter to its raw and dynamic coastal surrounds.

  • Home Tour | Flinders Cypress House by Insider Outsider

    Insider Outsider level up to their name with this seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

  • Bellows House by Architects EAT

    Architects EAT establish a family sanctuary in the heart of Flinders, Victoria with a deep connection to both people and place.

  • Flinders House by Sally Draper Architects

    Tucked in the rural inland of the Flinders coast, Victoria, Sally Draper Architects’ have designed an L-shaped holiday home for two that expands to cater for friends and family.

  • Flinders Family Farm by Sally Caroline

    Combining elements of the farm and the beach, Sally Caroline has reinvigorated a chic weekender that effortlessly meets its family’s holiday needs.