Framework Studio

  • Home Tour | Residential N.561 by Framework Studio

    An idyllic home in Amsterdam designed by Framework Studio is a museum of its own, hosting art and objects from all around the world.

  • In Conversation | Framework Studio

    We catch up with design powerhouse Thomas Geerlings, founder and creative director of the illustrious Framework Studio.

  • Kitchen Covet | Oak Kitchens

    Seven oak-clad kitchens from around the globe affirm that craftsmanship and natural materials will forever go hand-in-hand.

  • Can Brut by Framework Studio

    Step inside a villa on the island of Ibiza that adheres to a design vernacular that is both steeped in tradition and tethered to now.

  • The esteemed 10 | International Design Visionaries

    The esteemed 10 recognises a cross-section of visionary international architects and designers in 2022, spanning perspective, aesthetic and intent.

  • Kitchen Covet | Green Kitchens

    Explore a collection of green kitchens from homes in Australia and abroad symbolising freshness, balance, renewal and nature.