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  • Church Residence by Doherty Design Studio

    Doherty Design Studio convert a former four-storey church for a family of five.

  • Teneriffe House by Vokes and Peters

    Vokes and Peters reimagine a historic Brisbane building designed by prominent Australian architect AB Wilson.

  • Lindfield House by Daniel Boddam

    Interior designer, architect and furniture designer Daniel Boddam reimagines a 1980s home in Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

  • Miner Road by Faulkner Architects

    Striking materials and a sustainability focus collide in California, as Faulkner Architects bring an existing home far closer to its natural surroundings.

  • Small and Mighty Apartment by TJIP

    Channeling Coco Chanel’s advice to remove an item of clothing before leaving the house, the Belgium Apartment by TJIP affirms a ‘less is better’ philosophy.

  • Get the Look: European Elegance

    Far from stuffy, European elegance is an aesthetic using rich materials and the placement of beautiful pieces to create an easy sense of old-world glamour.

  • Get the Look: Home Office

    Whether you work from home or have younger ones that need space to study, the home office shouldn’t come at a design compromise.

  • Get the Look: Flemish Farmhouse

    Coveting a European look that blends rustic foundations with sleek design objects? Here’s our product and material picks.

  • The Est Edit: Inspired Workspaces

    We take inspiration from designers and spaces across the world that are rethinking how where we work to get the best out of how we work.

  • The Lasting Legacy of Finnish Design

    Finland’s prime position as a design influencer is self-evident, but it’s design house Iittala that paved the way for the rise of Finnish design.

  • The Est Edit: Children’s Spaces

    We’ve trawled the est archives to bring inspiration for creating children’s spaces that manage to please both little ones and their parents.

  • The Est Edit: Statement Sofas

    Making a statement with one of the most-used, most visible furnishings in your home, from timeless classics and contemporary favourites.

  • Get the Look: Country Weekender

    Favourite pieces for creating a rural retreat in your own home, by privileging raw textures and well-crafted materials.

  • Get the Look: Minimalism Marie Kondo Style

    Japan’s reigning queen of tidying up has inspired us to cultivate a minimalist aesthetic that celebrates the things we really love.

  • Get The Look: Tuscan Villa Style

    In coveting our own European summer sojourn, we’ve drawn inspiration from a favourite Italian villa to curate design features and furnishings for a Tuscan home aesthetic.

  • The Est Edit: Winter Warmers

    Spending more time in bed than in the great outdoors? With the cold winter months well underway, here’s our favourite finds for cultivating a winter retreat.

  • Get The Look: Wabi Sabi Style

    Inspired by an approach that celebrates the perfection in imperfection, we curate favourite finds for a Wabi Sabi aesthetic.

  • Statement Bathrooms

    Who says a bathroom can’t be the most stylish space in your home? We explore some key looks and features that will have you thinking differently.