Italian Homes

  • Home Tour | Casolare Scarani by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Studio Andrew Trotter transform a once-abandoned villa in Puglia’s countryside into an alluring family home.

  • Villa Cardo by Studio Andrew Trotter

    As an open embrace of its idyllic and arid surrounds, Studio Andrew Trotter’s Villa Cardo drinks in the rich landscape of Puglia.

  • Lover’s Walk by Kingston Lafferty Design

    Step inside ‘Lover’s Walk’ where a distinctive mix of layered elements manifest through colour and materiality, with an arresting effect.

  • Villa RA by MORQ

    The outwardly expressed Villa RA beautifully captures the essence of Calabria and rests open and embracing of its resonant surroundings.

  • Villa Peduzzi by Andrea Meirana Architects and Studio Daminato

    We escape to a breathtaking Art Nouveau estate overlooking Lake Como, carefully brought back to life by Studio Daminato.