• Exploring Wall Colour and Texture with Studio Esteta

    We enter three spaces designed by Studio Esteta which call attention to the arresting appeal of Laminex’s decorative wall panelling.

  • Rethinking Custom Joinery with CJH Studio

    We see how a living room and robe designed by CJH Studio explore Laminex Woodgrain through highly-considered joinery.

  • Material Closeup | Woodgrain in the Kitchen with CJH Studio

    We get to know the driving ideas and materials behind CJH Studio’s collaboration with Laminex on a lustrous woodgrain kitchen space.

  • Exploring Curve Appeal with CJH Studio

    CJH Studio, in collaboration with Laminex, reveals a soft and sculptural take on bathroom design that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

  • Future-Focused Living | YSG Studio’s Fantales House

    In collaboration with Laminex, we unearth the artistic design details inside the Fantales House living and study area by YSG Studio.

  • Design Covet | Curating a Restorative Natural Palette

    To bring nature’s influence indoors, we lift a palette of rich and soothing tones from the Laminex 2021 Collection: Living Pigments.

  • A Queenslander Reno

    After a fast and furious renovation timeline, we take a first look at est’s former editor at large Sian MacPherson’s Queenslander reno.