Louise Liljencrantz

  • Home Tour | Mariehill by Liljencrantz Design

    We tour the Stockholm home of a fashion designer and her young family, designed by Swedish interior design studio Liljencrantz Design.

  • Interview with Interior Designer Louise Liljencrantz

    Designer Louise Liljencrantz, based in Stockholm, Sweden, shares insight into her holistic approach to crafting interiors and furniture.

  • Strandvägen Home by Liljencrantz Design

    Undergoing a complete design evolution, we take a tour of Liljencrantz Design’s latest Swedish project; a refined family apartment featuring a historic narrative.

  • Get the Look: European Elegance

    Far from stuffy, European elegance is an aesthetic using rich materials and the placement of beautiful pieces to create an easy sense of old-world glamour.

  • Mixing Old & New for Contemporary Charm

    We take inspiration from four go-to global designers to explore new ways to pair the old and new together for an effortless aesthetic.

  • The Home of Designer Louise Liljencrantz

    Exploring the home of Swedish designer Louise Liljencrantz, an elegant apartment lovingly filled with rich materials and carefully-curated objects.