nine to know

  • Nine to Know | Sink-in Sofas

    In this Nine to Know, we explore a collection of sculptural sofas designed to sink into come the day’s end.

  • Nine to Know | Memphis Pieces

    We pay homage to the cultural phenomenon and love child of the Art Deco, Futurism and Pop Art movements: the Memphis movement.

  • Nine to Know | Evocative Lighting

    In this Nine to Know, we explore how designers pay homage to their surroundings in the form of an evocative light.

  • Nine to Know | Premium Cookers

    We explore how a traditional farmhouse premium cooker marks a return to slow cooking with this Nine to Know.

  • Nine to Know | Silver Accents

    We take a magpie eye to a collection of silver lighting, furniture and accessories for an unexpected interior accent. 

  • Nine to Know | Design Objects

    We’ve curated an edit of iconic and interesting objects that explore an intersection between art and functional design.

  • Nine to Know | Architectural Bathroom Lighting

    Form follows function in architectural lighting. We’ve curated nine of our favourite examples for the bathroom.

  • Nine to Know | Bathroom Essentials

    Elevate the pleasure of daily rituals with our nine favourite bathroom essentials – as featured in est magazine issue #42.