• Best of est | Paddington Terraces

    We’re off to Paddington, Sydney, to take a closer look at five charming terraces that celebrate their heritage bones through a refreshing modern Australian lens.

  • Lena Residence by Smart Design Studio

    A five-storey Victorian terrace in Sydney’s Paddington is transformed through a light-filled tower and modern addition by Smart Design Studio.

  • Laneway House by Clayton Orszaczky

    Clayton Orszaczky sensitively rearrange an inner-city terrace to reflect modern-day living in Paddington, Sydney.

  • Concert Hall House by Pandolfini Architects

    Enter a 19th-century terrace house in Paddington, Sydney revived by Pandolfini Architects.

  • Hargrave House by CM Studio

    CM Studio creatively update an Edwardian cottage in Sydney with their overarching design philosophy that “beauty can be found in simplicity”.