• ‘Salt & Sky’ Exhibition

    Brooke Holm’s Salt & Sky exhibition centres on the photographers own exploration and perspective of the bond humans from with nature.

  • America: En Route

    The majority of the landscapes featured in the upcoming exhibition America: En Route were actually never destinations, but discovered en… continue reading.

  • George Byrne Exhibition

    If you happen to be heading to Sydney this weekend for a certain trade fair in the eastern suburbs, we suggest you… continue reading.

  • 18 Exhibition | Lara Miller

    Diagnosed at the age of 18 with degenerative eye disease, photographer Lara Miller was forced to come to terms with… continue reading.

  • Brooke Holm’s ‘Arctic’ Exhibition

    Melbourne based photographer, Brooke Holm, is not only one of the country’s most highly sought after editorial photographers, she is also proving… continue reading.

  • Frederik Vercruysse | PHOTOGRAPHER

    Antwerp based photographer Frederik Vercruysse communicates meaning by capturing the atmosphere and true soul of a space in his photographic… continue reading.

  • Print By George | Photography

    One of our favourite Brits, photographer Georgie Skinner has been busy relocating her entire life from one hemisphere to another… continue reading.

  • Wanderlust | 60 Years of Images

    As a passionate individual with an intellectual take on politics, people and everyday life, Thomas Hoepker is known foremost as a… continue reading.

  • Seth Smoot | Photographer

    We discovered the beautiful work of photographer Seth Smoot recently thanks to our new stylist-at-large, New York based Kate Jordan and agent Pat… continue reading.

  • Two Loves Studio | Photography + Cooking

    Rachel Jane has a confession: she has the worst taste in music and when she finds a song she will… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Sarah Wood

    Sarah Wood is a professional freelance photographer, based in Melbourne. Sarah’s passion is to capture the natural beauty and the emotion of moments in people’s lives.

  • Photographer | Robyn Lea

    Photographer Robyn Lea has established herself as a top international photographer. Her work has been published in the world’s top tier magazines including Vogue, Vogue Entertaining & Travel, Time Magazine, Vogue Living, Harper’s Bazaar, Gourmet Traveler, Financial Review Magazine, British Airways Magazine and the Qantas Magazine.

  • Photographer | Toby Scott

    Toby Scott creates whimsical imagery that draws the eye with its clear, crisp lighting and instantly evokes a reaction, whether the… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Trine Thorsen

    Trine Thorsen started her working career in service management, but she dreamed about being a photographer. In 1994 she completed… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Marjon Hoogervorst

    Light, basic and a little raw is how Marjon Hoogervorst describes her work, and we couldn’t agree more. Her beautiful photography captures spaces… continue reading.

  • Dinosaur Designs | The Art of Black & White

    We just love the new colour collection The Art of Black and White by Dinosaur Designs Creative Directors, Louise Olsen… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Tara Pearce

    Tara Pearce is a Melbourne based photographer and shot our Issue #7 ‘Home of Heart’ story about Kerrie Golias house in… continue reading.