• Behind the Lens | Richard Powers

    Photographer Richard Powers can claim a remarkable credential – he has photographed more houses deemed ‘iconic’ than anyone on the planet.

  • Behind the Lens | Photographer Joe Fletcher

    Photographer Joe Fletcher takes us into North America’s dramatic landscapes as he captures his appreciation for light and architecture.

  • Behind the Lens | Photographer Derek Swalwell

    Derek Swalwell might be best known as a photographer of architecture, but between lockdowns he found a different subject.

  • Behind the Lens | Photographer Rory Gardiner

    Rory Gardiner has established a name in the global design community, working with some of the world’s most renowned architects.

  • Art at Home | Photography and the Environment

    In the first feature of our Art at Home series, we explore environmental art photography through the lens of eight pre-eminent photographers.

  • Photographer Derek Swalwell’s Farnsworth + Miller Exhibition

    We take a look at photographer Derek Swalwell’s much-anticipated collection of photographs that capture two of the worlds most iconic mid-century houses.

  • Glace Noir by Kate Ballis

    Australia photographer Kate Ballis turns her camera to the dramatic natural landscape of Argentina, with her latest exhibition ‘Glace Noir’ casting a different light.

  • Going West

    Photographer Derek Swalwell turns his attention from Australian interiors to the US West Coast in this new exhibition.

  • ‘Salt & Sky’ Exhibition

    Brooke Holm’s Salt & Sky exhibition centres on the photographers own exploration and perspective of the bond humans from with nature.


    The Paddington showroom at Les Interieurs has been given a makeover of tribal proportions by studio owner Pamela Makin. Having searched the world… continue reading.

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    London based Hawaiian, Leila Peterson came across our sights via Instagram sometime ago and ever since it has been a… continue reading.