Rob Kennon Architects

  • The esteemed 10 | Australian Design Visionaries

    The esteemed 10 recognises a cross-section of visionary Australian architects and designers in 2022, spanning perspective, aesthetic and intent.

  • Waffle House by Rob Kennon Architects

    Rob Kennon Architects redesign a Queen Anne home in Melbourne, guided by the founding principles of the Arts and Craft movement.

  • Best of est | Heritage Revivals in Melbourne’s Fitzroy

    We head to Melbourne’s Fitzroy to spotlight five heritage homes brought into the modern-day through sensitive architectural intervention. 

  • Elwood Bungalow by Rob Kennon Architects

    Rob Kennon Architects redesign a 1920s Elwood bungalow by introducing a low-lying, single-storey extension built around a circular garden.

  • Design Covet | The Resort Outdoor Shower

    We’re exploring how to recreate a resort-like experience by the pool or at the beach house with the Resort Outdoor Shower by Armando Vicario.

  • Collingwood Apartment by Rob Kennon Architects

    Rob Kennon Architects refurbish a Collingwood apartment in a former warehouse building to create a modern and fluid place to call home.

  • Fitzroy North Home by Rob Kennon Architects

    In a quiet heritage street in Fitzroy North, Rob Kennon Architects design a distinct two-part house, breaking down the boundaries between outside and in.

  • Bluff House by Rob Kennon Architects

    Melbourne-based practice Rob Kennon Architects design an equally sensitive and assertive architectural response to the Flinders coastal landscape.