Rural retreat

  • Walnut House by Adam Kane Architects

    Adam Kane Architects’ Walnut House is an anecdote of its surroundings – the idyllic countryside of Daylesford, Victoria.

  • Best of est | Spanish Rural Retreats

    From the Balearic Islands to the border of Portugal, we’re bringing together five bona fide Spanish rural retreats to inspire your next soul-soothing sabbatical.

  • Lon Retreat & Spa

    Hidden away on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, in the laid-back beach town of Point Lonsdale, lies the new Lon Retreat & Spa perfect for a weekend getaway.

  • Forest House by Fearon Hay Architects

    We take a walk through some stellar design work coming from our New Zealand neighbours with this homestead of timber clad structures.

  • Two Pavilions by Tom Robertson Architects

    With the views of the Victorian coastline front and centre, this family’s sweet escape covers two timber-clad pavilions.

  • Southern Highlands Home by Intermode

    We walk through a modern, modular Southern Highlands region home that celebrates rural character with dynamism and simplicity.