Sydney Apartment

  • Bower Manly by Mim Design

    Mim Design mould a collection of beach-front Sydney apartments named ‘Bower Manly’ from their spectacular coastal surroundings.

  • A Warm and Tactile Apartment Reinvention by studioplusthree

    Sydney-based architecture practice studioplusthree reinvigorate a 1980s apartment by harnessing light and natural materials. 

  • Longwood Apartment by Studio Prineas

    With enviable views of Sydney Harbour, Longwood Apartment sees Studio Prineas inject a bold and richly-layered contemporary aesthetic.

  • Penthouse One by Lawless & Meyerson

    We’re taking an in-depth look at how the streamlined interiors inside Lawless & Meyerson’s Sydney penthouse have left its seventies ties behind.

  • Bondi Beach Apartment by Mathieson Architects

    Known for approaching their projects with a set of modernist design principles, the design behind Bondi Beach Apartment by Mathieson Architects is no different.

  • Perfect Storm by Matt Woods

    Designer Matt Woods introduces us to an intimate, yet functional re-design of an inner Sydney warehouse shaped by Brutalist ideals.

  • Earth, Wind and Fire by Luigi Rosselli Architects

    Luigi Rosselli Architects deliver an architectural chart topper by focusing on rammed earth at the core of a Federation home transformation in Sydney.

  • The 1906 Apartment by Amber Road

    Amber Road design a stylish gentleman’s ‘pie in the sky’ – an elegant, moody and thoroughly thought-out apartment overlooking the Sydney Harbour.

  • Inner City Spaces by Brad Swartz

    We talk living large and living well in compact city spaces with Sydney architect Brad Swartz – emphasising that quality and creativity, not size determines good design.