Sydney interiors

  • Mirror Image by Smac Studio

    Mirror Image is a light and materiality showpiece staged by Smac Studio’s principal architect Shona McElroy.

  • Edge House by Hare + Klein

    Hare + Klein’s Edge House comprises a contemporary revision of a 1930s home on the east coast of Sydney.

  • Gunnamatta House by Akin Atelier

    Gunnamatta House by Akin Atelier, situated on Sydney’s Gunnamatta Bay, is where contemporary Australia meets mid-century Spain.

  • Spotted Gum House by Alexander & CO.

    Alexander & CO.’s overhaul of an existing Bungalow on Sydney’s North Shore is the epitome of courageous design.

  • Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko 

    Wielding a raw and expressive material palette, esoteriko bring us Bunker in the Treetops, set in Double Bay, Sydney.

  • Longwood Apartment by Studio Prineas

    With enviable views of Sydney Harbour, Longwood Apartment sees Studio Prineas inject a bold and richly-layered contemporary aesthetic.

  • Vaucluse Residence by Nina Maya Interiors

    Featuring breathtaking Sydney harbour views, Vaucluse Residence by Nina Maya Interiors is the epitome of comfort meets elegance.

  • Woollahra Home by Decus Interiors

    The team at Decus Interiors reinvent a Woollhara Home where no two spaces are the same – and a surprise lies around every corner.