• Brighton Garden House by Wellard Architects

    Wellard Architects reconfigure an Edwardian home in Melbourne’s Brighton with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor fluidity. 

  • Brunswick House by Adam Kane Architects

    Find calm in the Brunswick House by Adam Kane Architects; a redesigned Californian bungalow with a contemporary addition.

  • Toorak House by Davidov Architects

    Shown in the Toorak House, architect Robert Davidov is blessed to be talented, but as fortunate to have parents who trust his judgement.

  • Best of est | Gabled Roof Homes

    From Sweden to New Zealand, California to Victoria, we’re exploring some of our favourite gabled roof homes.

  • Barwon Heads House by Adam Kane Architects

    Adam Kane Architects carefully transform an 1800s heritage-listed beachside cottage in Barwon Heads, Victoria.

  • Great Ocean Road House by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors

    Architect Robert Mills is fortunate to design homes fronting some of Australia’s premier bodies of water, like Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. 

  • Edgars Creek House by Breathe Architecture

    Melbourne sustainable architecture firm Breathe Architecture bring texture and tranquillity to this secluded home in Edgars Creek.

  • BBW House by Tecture

    Enter a colourful heritage home revived by Melbourne architecture practice Tecture in Newtown, Geelong, catering for a young family.

  • Carole Whiting Designs a Navy-Saturated Space for Manteau Noir

    Interior designer Carole Whiting has captured the very essence of Manteau Noir in Victoria’s rural town Daylesford with this navy-saturated space.

  • Lorne Beach House by Georgina Jeffries

    Playful and fresh, this renovated Lorne beach abode by Georgina Jefferies showcases its Australian ocean outlook and makes new space for a growing family.

  • Flinders Family Farm by Sally Caroline

    Combining elements of the farm and the beach, Sally Caroline has reinvigorated a chic weekender that effortlessly meets its family’s holiday needs.

  • Ceres Gable House by Tecture

    Local studio Tecture have used a monochromatic palette to modernise, expand and connect a unique Australian home back to its stud farm surroundings.

  • Drift House | Port Fairy

    While I can not claim to having visited Port Fairy for the past, well… 20 years, I have to say… continue reading.