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    We’ve been spoilt for choice with Sydney inspiration of late, with a new home to admire every week. Every now and again something slips through the cracks however and though we are late to the party in discovering this gorgeous beachside home from Porebski Architects what a discovery it is.

    Sitting in prime position overlooking Tamarama Beach, the design embraces bold proportions with the curving black and white exterior. The sweeping white render suggests a modernist sensibility, but counterbalanced by natural materials like stone and timber (not to mention the lush greenery around the home) it becomes something more unique, assured in its style. Helped by interior design from one of our favourite local talents Decus Interiors, this is the beach house we could easily spend all year at.

    ARCHITECTURE: Porebski Architects | PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Worssam and Justin Alexander

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    Balancing form and materiality has been carefully considered in the design process. The distinctive curvaceous white render masonry is counterbalanced with the building’s stone base and the timber batten extensions forming bay windows. Structured around a central courtyard, the home’s L-shape maximises visibility while providing space to shelter from the sea breeze, most elegantly in the pool area and garden designed by Will Dangar. Purposely orientated to the sun yet protected from the elements, the courtyard is a hidden oasis for those times the beach seems too much effort.

    Designed for a family of four, the home’s layout inverts the traditional set-up with the main living areas on the top floor to take full advantage of those ocean views while bedrooms are located on the ground floor. The abundance of natural light and strikingly formed ceilings give the top floor an ‘on top of the clouds’ feeling, as if you’re taking in the views from your own sky-high vantage point rather than the covered terrace. The open plan layout allows the front rooms to flow through to the rear family room, building room to move when you need it or ample space for hosting (and who wouldn’t want to show off those views!)

    Decus Interiors superstar (and sometime est Style Hunter) Alexandra Donohue lent her styling skills to the interior design of the home, with classic pieces perfect for everyday use and the wear-and-tear of family life. Lighting and artwork choices are equally restrained, adding a touch of character here and there without overwhelming. And let’s be honest – the combination of those sweeping views and curving architectural proportions are more than enough to well and truly hold our attention.

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    Celebrating curves: The buildings rounded monochrome exterior is contrasted with Will Dangars lush garden design and creamy stone paving.

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    The entire volume of the rooftop is explored through the ceiling design of the upper level, creating a striking ceiling design that continues the buildings curves on a smaller scale.

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    The lower level is all about entertainment, with the downstairs play room flowing out though cavity sliding doors to the courtyard and pool garden, via a covered terrace with BBQ and outdoor dining area.

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  1. Hi Ropy, unfortunately we don’t have the specific wood that has been used in this design, but you could contact the architects via their website -www.porebskiarchitects.com.au. Thanks!

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