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    Ok for those of you who are not already onto the brilliance that is ‘The Apartment’ – this is for you. For those of you who think this find is so ‘last month’ then sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re well ahead of the pack!

    Stylists and well known fashion mainstays, Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn, have teamed up to bring The Apartment to New York – a showroom, store and living space all wrapped up in one and the tangible counterpart to the e-commerce site The Line.

    Think of walking into the home of your most stylish friend (we all have one of those right?). From floor coverings to the shoes on their feet, you’re lusting after what they’ve got. That’s sort of what The Apartment is like. This real life apartment offers a more intimate version of the ever popular concept store, where everything, even the light fixtures, are for sale.

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC Interiors 03

    Its purpose is to incite inspiration and a general idea of how these “refined, versatile, and honest goods”can be integrated into your life. The apartment is like a virtual taste-maker created by Traina and Wendelborn to inspire the design discerning consumer.

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC bedroom 04

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC bed 02

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC bathroom 04

    Our favorite part might be the closet, oh and the bathroom as well. If only because it offers perhaps the most intimate of experiences within the space. You actually feel as if you’ve wandered into the bedroom of someone you’ve just met; and are rummaging through their belongings (but not in a creepy way we promise). This idea, that the space represents a person you might want to be, creates an interest in obtaining what the owner of the apartment is wearing or putting on their face. The founders are clearly very clever to capitalize on this type of curiosity of the consumer.

    The curated selection of garments is almost exclusively shown in black, navy and white. Traina says her customer is a strong, confident woman who knows what she likes – “not trendy items, but beautiful, long-lasting pieces. She knows what’s going to stick around.”
    How very Est.

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC Interiors 02

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC Interiors 06

    The Apartment has it’s own story as well. Built in 1872 by architect Isaac F. Duckworth to house the dry goods company owned by Gardner Colby, the modern day apartment has been adorned with eclectic, simple, and elegant furnishings that change regularly. Showing at The Apartment right now you will find glassware from Lasvit and candle holders from AlexAllen, lighting by FLOS and ablack tufted bench by Las Venus.

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC Interiors1

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC bed1

    Est Magazine Apartment NYC Interiors 08

    The Soho based space also hosts discussions, workshops, screenings and dinners, so if you’re in NY be sure to pop in for one of their hosted events.

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