The Black Shack | Architecture of Latvia

  • arhis det04 zemenu prhouse

    This charcoal stained, timber clad home in the seaside town of Jurmula in Latvia, is the perfect example of a modern renovation meeting old world charm. What looks and feels like a time worn but modernised fishing shack of sorts designed by architect Andris Kronbergs for ARHIS is a classic case of  old house new skin when it comes to the exterior aesthetic. The team at ARHIS explain that the chosen exterior colour is a nod to the bleached tar used on old fishing boats that were once seen everywhere in this fishing town- nor the house stands out not for its ability to meld into the landscape but because it is so different to other houses seen in Jurmula with their ornamental gables and turrets. Understated to a tee.

    With the fireplace taking central stage in the home the family who live here has made the regular task of lighting the fire a much loved family ritual in which everyone plays a role. The glazed glass conservatory that extends off the living room gives away the modern renovation and adds a sense of luxe to the ‘shack’. If this is how a fisherman’s shack looks to live in, then we would trade our whitewashed inner city office for the salty seas in a heartbeat.

    arhis det04 zemenu prhouse

    arhis det01 zemenu prhouse

    arhis det02 zemenu prhouse

    arhis det03 zemenu prhouse

    arhis det05 zemenu prhouse

    arhis det06 zemenu veranda night

    arhis det07 detail facade

    arhis det08 detail facade

    Architects: Andris Kronbergs

    Designer: Barbara Abele

    Arch. Draftsmen: Ansis Zitars

    Photos: Ansis Starks


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