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    In collating our 2016 gift guides we’ve concentrated on the demographic (for little and big kids) and function (an on the go mum, the eternal party host).  This time, we turn our curatorial eye to design itself, picking some of our favourite design objects of the past year and pieces of all prices sure to impress a design-discerning companion.

    est living design devotee gift guide tati dining table

    Tati Dining Table

    Where better to start than with an award-winning favourite from one of our most trusted purveyour of Scandinavian wares? The luxurious use of steel and marble elevates this from occasional table to dining room centerpiece.

    $8950 AUD

    ‘Cardiac Atlas’ Silkscreen Print

    Sydney artist Kate Bananzi has no shortage of structural visuals to adorn your walls with. We love the royal blue version of this ‘Cardiac Atlas’ print, hand pulled by Kate for further character and individuality.

    $725 AUD

    est living design devotee gift guide kate banazi
    est living design devotee gift guide copper jug

    Copper & Tin Tumblers

    Another Sydney talent, Studiokyss create handcrafted vessels, containers and desk accessories made to order. This set of two copper and tin tumblers will be individually made – so while they make have slight individual quirks, they’ll no doubt be stylish, minimal and expertly-made.

    $180 AUD

    Eames Book

    An essential for any design buff, this book covers the incredible design portfolio of Charles and Ray Kaiser Eames and the enduring legacy they left. From their well-known furniture designs to architecture, photography and film endeavours, you’ll have plenty to be inspired by in this read.

    $15 AUD

    est living design devotee gift guide eames book
    est living design devotee gift guide anna varendorff

    Half Circle Vase

    An elegant statement piece for any space in the home or office, this brass tube vase by Melbourne artist Anna Varendorff is as beautiful with a well-selected bloom as it is on its own.

    $250 AUD

    Butter Knives

    There’s something so rewarding and tactical about the right butter knife, and these handmade stainless steel sets (available in a two or four pack) from Alison Jackson are a gift that will last a long time.

    $125 AUD

    est living design devotee gift guide butter knives
    est living design devotee gift guide enzi basket

    Enzi Basket

    Good design and a great cause has got to be our sweet spot, and this handwoven basket from a women’s coop in the Rwenzori Mountains ticks both boxes. The fair trade process,  timeless design and quality materials are great, and the philosophy behind the basket and its makers even better.

    $125 AUD

    Resin Bold Stone Cuff

    We couldn’t include a design-centric gift guide without a piece from the clever pair at Dinosaur Designs. This chunky navy and ivory cuff is indicative of what we love in their work; a statement piece that feels fresh and inspired yet still retains a timeless quality.

    $350 AUD

    est living design devotee gift guide dinosaur designs cuff

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