The Edit: Kitchen Slimline Pendants

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    Walk the line with architecturally-inspired slimline pendants to create a linear glow in the kitchen.

    Slimline pendants are the time-honoured choice for bringing a kitchen to light. They crown the kitchen island bench of countless homes on est – whether an architectural centrepiece or a subtle addition to shed a little light on the home’s heart.

    Drawing inspiration from Woodward Architecture’s Crescent House, we’ve collated the best in kitchen slimline pendants, courtesy of an esteemed line up of local and international lighting designers.

    This piece originally appeared in issue #32 of est magazine.

    est living Woodward Architecture Project Crescent House 1

    The Tubino Pendant for Viabizzuno featured in Matthew Woodward’s Cresent House.

    est living design directory trapeze 10 appartatus 04

    Trapeze 10 Pendant

    We simply couldn’t put together a pendant edit without the work of Apparatus Studio. Their highly-recognisable Trapeze 10 pendant is inspired by the circus; its uninterrupted lines and glowing circles gifting a warm and elegant presence to the kitchen.

    Scandal Pendant

    Articolo Lighting are all about bringing Australian-made, handcrafted and timeless architectural lighting design to a global audience. Their Scandal Pendant is the exact embodiment of this, combining artisanal rounded glass and a cuff inlaid with hand-woven brass mesh.

    est living design directory scandal pendant articolo 01
    est living design directory microline 40 40 inlite 01

    Microline 40/40+ Profile Pendant

    Now this is what we call a chic slimline pendant. Made-to-measure, the Microline 40/40+ Profile available at Inlite Lighting  is designed to accentuate architectural lines – the perfect highlight for a cutting edge kitchen. 

    Line Pendant 02

    The Line Pendant 02 designed by Douglas and Bec is an absolute timeless classic. No doubt that’s because The Line Collection pays homage to the playfulness of sculptor Alexander Calder with its balanced pair of hand-blown glass bulbs.

    est living design directory line pendant 02 douglas and bec 04
    est living design directory orion tube light lee broom 06 750x540

    Orion Pendant

    Designed by Lee Broom, the Orion Pendant is our pick for a glamorous slimline pendant addition in your kitchen space. The Orion Pendant takes its name from the opposing opaque and solid gold spheres and tubes that connect and expand to create bespoke constellations of light.

    Potter DS Pendant

    Another way to incorporate ceramics in the kitchen is the Potter DS Pendant designed by Bruce Rowe of Anchor Ceramics. The linear Potter DS Pendant is made using old-school pottery methods and contemporary ‘rapid prototyping’ techniques resulting in a tactile, handmade hybrid for any worthy kitchen.

    est living design directory potter ds rakumba 01 750x540
    est living broad residence baldwin and bagnall 1 750x1000
    Broad Residence Kitchen by Baldwin and Bagnall
    est living magnolia house arent pyke 4
    Trapeze 10 Pendant | Magnolia House by Arent & Pyke

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