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    As the chilly climate sets in, we’re warming things up naturally with wool and its unique design application.

    In recent times wool has experienced quite the comeback, through considered design innovation and experimentation. The tried and true fibre couldn’t be more relevant to either, given it’s natural, sustainable (renewable and biodegradable), hypo-allergenic, and resilient qualities – just to name a few. Did you know wool can also help to absorb harmful pollutants from the air in your home? 

    As winter is now well and truly here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re gravitating to all things warm and cosy. We’re combining that with the exciting ways wool can be applied in the home, using one big dose of inspiration from the giant Merino wool artwork in Sean Connelly at Dubai Opera by Alexander & CO. 

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    The Tired Man Chair

    The iconic Tired Man Chair in sheepskin upholstery (as seen in the Albert Park Residence by Golden) is the epitome of cosy comfort. That was exactly what designer Flemming Lassen wanted to achieve way back in 1935 with the curved and voluminous armchair, to be “as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of its mother…”.

    Ray Lamp

    The Ray Lamp by Berlin Studio Llot Llov uses knitted Merino wool to create a warm and homely atmosphere. The “lying, hanging or atmospheric lamp” has 12 metres of cable – letting you choose exactly how it appears in your home – in the designer’s bid to involve the user in the process.

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    Hay Coaster

    The Hay Coaster is felted in dark grey or sand-coloured wool, for your hot drinks to rest on. Wool felt is optimal as it can withstand perpetual use, while retaining colour and form. Be sure to check out the entire collection – that includes place mats and dish mats. Available at Cult Design. 

    ADAGIO Sheers

    The ADAGIO Sheers from Seneca Textiles are woven in intricate looms from a combination of soft, luxury yarns: cashmere, mohair and “couture-quality lambs-wool”. The beauty of framing your glazed openings with these sheers is that wool is not only wrinkle resistant, but has good insulation properties.

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    Zulu Rug

    The Zulu Rug is guaranteed to bring texture and warmth to your living room. Made entirely from wool, the Zulu Rug by Armadillo mixes high and low pile in a traditional monochromatic pattern. Wool has a long been hailed an optimal and authentic floor covering, that also brings the added benefits of being an easy to clean, hypo-allergenic and hard-wearing.

    New Suit Wall Upholstery

    Wool has excellent dye holding properties, making it (literally) a natural choice for upholstery. The best bit – you can add the striking stripes of New Suit Upholstery from Elliott Clarke to your walls. A new way to create a warming living space, wool upholstery on the walls also means resistance to dust mites, bacteria, mould and mildew. 

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    Original Blanket

    If you’re after a blanket that’s both good for people and the planet, Seljak’s sustainable and ethically made blankets are the way to go. Made in Tasmania, Seljak’s blankets are made with 70 per cent recycled Merino wool (offcuts) and blended with other recycled materials such as recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester. Each unique blanket is available undyed, fringe or whipstitch finish. 

    PLECTERE Wall Divider

    Wool is an acoustic insulator, helping to inhibit the spread of sound. Combine that with the clever design of the PLECTERE Wall Divider – a textured, braided felt frame. This could very well be your solution to muffling noise in the office, without blocking natural light with its translucent design. 

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    Cones / Unfolded Seats

    Cone by German designer Jule Waibel is a series of ‘unfolded seats’ made of pure woollen felt, shaped into its three-dimensional form through heated steam. Celebrating geometry and transformation, the flexible structure of the Cone accommodates every seated position. 

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