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    This week’s Est Edit is a selection of black white and grey with a hint of green thrown in for good measure. July is the month of trade fairs so we will be definitely in need of comfortable shoes to trawl the halls of Life In Style in a few weeks time – these Philippe Model runners will be the go to option. Elle MacPherson’s WelleCo has created the perfect blend of vital greens to keep your system on the straight and narrow and unlike other versions of vital greens out there, Elle’s concoction actually tastes really good. Honestly.

    And if you too are permanently attached to your iPhone like we are then it should really complement your look, right? So make sure you keep it current and get rid of that hideous rubber number you have been sporting and wrap your phone in iPhone couture with a real marble phone cover from Native Union.

    Yes, we know its a little cool at the minute to be wearing shorts to bed….but spring is almost here for those of us down south – and for the rest of you, well you had better get into these silky PJ’s quick sticks.

    Est Edit1

    Philippe Model Sneakers from Farfetch.

    Turning Table DKK in Black Ash from Menu.

    Marble Light Sv6 by &Tradition from Great Dane.

    Lilian PJ’s Set from Equipment.

    Marble iPhone Case from Native Union.

    The Super Elixir Caddy from WelleCo.


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