For Your Niece

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    She’s a bit of a classic, your niece. A lover of Fred Astaire and early Madonna, she twists and turns through the decades in whichever way it suits her. With her iPhone in one hand and a flute of Champagne in the other, she’s a thoroughly modern girl in a rose-tinted nostalgic world.

    Here’s what she wants/needs in her life.

    Somewhere to rest her head (during Netflix)…

    These striped linen cushions from Hale Mercantile Co. will be used for years to come. Just make sure you give it to her with an insert – there’s a good chance she’ll never get around to that part herself.

    $64 AUD

    linen cushions stripe fog tempest
    4 plus 1 and 4 plus 2 cross body bags plus equals

    A carrier for her favourite lippie…

    Made in italy from vegetable-tanned leather, the pared-back structure of this cross-body bag makes it an instant classic. Designed by Plus Equals Studio, it’s the perfect size for everyday, allowing her to be organised, chic and without any shoulder pain.

    $450 AUD

    A midday pick-me-up…

    100% natural, this roll-on energy booster by This Works rebalances and energises with a potent blend of geranium, bergamot and rosemary – a scent that is reassuringly expensive for a chronic label-lover.

    $44 AUD

    i 022314 energy bank breathe in 1 940 251x400
    fw1500032s duara studs silver

    Brass is a girl’s best friend…

    This twist in the classic hoop earring by Soko feels minimal, yet chic and sculptural with its hoop flat to the ear (rather than looping through the piercing). All pieces are made ethically by artisans from the developing world..

    $45 USD

    Coffee in the morning wine in the evening…

    These unique, eco-friendly, hand-glazed ceramic cups by Aura are dishwasher safe. Perfect for the hostess who hates cleaning up. We especially love the dove coloured version.

    $12.95 AUD

    kali tea cup dove 2

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