The Kelly House by Anna Carin Design

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    The Kelly House, located in Double Bay, Sydney exemplifies a uniting of both historical charm and modern sophistication. Driven by a commitment to honour heritage and to epitomise style icon Grace Kelly, Anna Carin Design have created a home that authentically celebrates the homes roots and natural beauty.

    The Kelly house has definitely had its fair share of unkind renovations. With previous owners doing bits and pieces during their stay, the house had a mix-match and somewhat jarring feel. Fortunately, they enlisted the help of the designers at Anna Carin Design.

    With a vision from the outset to channel the great Grace Kelly, the team ensured the icon’s charisma, sophistication and class was at the core of every decision. Anna Carin explains; “tradesmen were briefed on this concept and an image of Grace was taped to the wall throughout the entire renovation as a constant reminder”. Through careful selection of materials and furniture placement, this determined commitment shines through. 

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    The house was completely transformed from two separate residences to a single-dwelling home. Rather than trying to reinvent the entire space, Anna Carin Design cleverly utilised the home’s original features and took the approach of ‘refining rather than adding’. The home’s five bedrooms and kitchen were renovated in order to create a coherent feel throughout, with the installation of new dark timber flooring. This added to the moody and sophisticated aesthetic the team desired from the very start. A mix of dark and light cabinetry was used, alongside varying shades of marble as seen in the kitchen and bathroom. This juxtaposition of materials and shades added a sense of grandeur and character to the home.

    Not one to shy away from colours, Anna Carin Design have sprinkled pops of colour in various styling objects as well as the electric blue Bentwood dining chairs. Leaving her own stamp on the project, the colourful “Pike” rug used in the dining room was actually one from Anna Carin’s own Forsa collection. The clients also had an existing collection of artwork which actually tied in beautifully with the other elements of the home. As Anna Carin says, “careful curation of the client’s existing furniture with new pieces complement their collection of art and contemporary style”. 

    With what was once a divided and somewhat impractical use of space, the new design of The Kelly House celebrates its original heritage features, all while bringing a refined, current day aesthetic.

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