The Leather List

  • Est Magazine Borge Mogensen Spanish Chair1

    You would have noticed that natural leather is the material of the moment (but then really, when is it not?) so we thought we would compile a seven piece leather list for you to consider if in the market for chair or a handbag. After all, when are we never not in the market for either?

    What’s your favourite in the leather list this week? In the office we are torn between the Spanish Chair and the Newbury Leather Clutch.

    Est Magazine Borge Mogensen Spanish Chair

    Spanish Chair by Borge Mogensen at Great Dane Furniture.

    Est Magazine ObeyNewbury Leather Clutch by Obey


    Est Magazine AgnesBaddoo

    Sac 2 by Agnes Badoo

    Est Magazine ByLassen

    Easy Chair by by Lassen Saxe.


    Est Magazine Voyej

    Knot Bracelet by Voyej



    Est Magazine IlBisonte

    Directors Chair by Il Bisonte.


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