The Long Lunch

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    If you enjoy a long lunch as much as we do here at Est – especially on a Friday – then you too will know just how important it is to set the right foundation for a long, languid feast with friends. And while it may seem to many that dining tables are a dime a dozen in most major furniture stores, choosing that perfect piece can cause much consternation in many design discerning households.

    While we have been recently sold on the virtues of a round dinner table for family meals, it is the long rectangular table that we think works best for entertaining new friends and old and sharing the fare amongst others.

    Here we have compiled just a few of our favourite foundation pieces. Yes they come with a bit of a price tag but if you consider that they will last you a life time – you can reconcile the price with a cost per use scenario. Hey, it works for shoes right?


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    Dining Tables The Long Lunch 2


    1. The Dolman Table in Marble & Timber by Thomas Coward 
    2. Farm Table by Christopher Specce at Criteria Collection
    3. Concorde Table in Wood by Emmanuel Gallina at Poliform
    4. Global Dining Table at MCM House
    5. Raft Table NA2 by Norm at Great Dane Furniture
    6. Minimo Medium Table by Piero Lissoni at Space Furniture

    Est Magazine Boiacca Table by LucidPevere

    Boiacca Table by LucidPevere at Fanuli

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