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    Internationally renowned photographer, and regular Est Magazine contributor Robyn Lea, is soon to release her coffee table book titled ‘Milan: Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City’. The first of it’s kind, this stylish publication celebrates the art of living – Milan style – through a collection of Robyn’s exquisite imagery and intimate stories that pay homage to the hidden world of the city’s ground-breaking and trendsetting creatives.
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    At the relatively young age of 18 Lea moved to Milan to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. In Milan she successfully launched her career and forged lifelong bonds with the city’s most prestigious art, high fashion and design institutions and personalities.
    Lea ‘s stunning pictorial book celebrates the fascinating private side of Milan; one few get to see.
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    “Milan’s creative soul lies tucked away in courtyards, behind gated streetscapes, and inside anonymous buildings with nondescript facades,” Lea explains. “This book for me is about sharing some of the moving and inspiring experiences I have had in Milan, with people that are at the forefront of creativity, design and innovation.”
    Five years in the making, the 288-page visual feast unveils images and stories behind the fiercely private world of Milan’s most iconic cultural figures – often impossible to access – and highlights the next chapter in Milanese creative history. The book was designed by leading Melbourne design firm ERD who wove together photographs, recipes and written vignettes from Lea’s visual diaries in a layered and unstructured way.
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    To bring the book full circle and cover the last of her production costs – which includes having it printed by the print masters at Fontegrafica in Milan – who have also been commissioned by Valentino and Chanel among others – Robyn has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this final leg of production.
    Offering some fabulous rewards and early editions of the book, visit to learn more and join this creative journey.
    For lovers of style, whether it be fashion and or interiors, and if your intrigued by secret worlds,  we suggest you get onto the website and order your book now…
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