The Old Clare Hotel

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    Chippendale’s Old Clare Hotel has gone boutique under the watchful eye of Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects.

    The Old Clare Hotel has been conceived as a collection of pre-existing buildings. A glass atrium stitches together The Carlton United Brewery Administration Building and the County Clare Hotel, creating a collection of 62 rooms and suites, three restaurants, a ground level bar, roof-top swimming pool and bar, along with basement service space accessing all areas of the hotel.

    Using vintage furniture, .PSLAB pendant lights and custom-made desk lamps fashioned from antique machinery, the Old Clare moves away from the traditional home-away-from-home approach, instead opting to surprise their guests. Amenities from New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster and bespoke Maison Balzac candles complete its luxe bohemian aesthetic.

    The magic of the hotel lies in its adaptive reuse – inherited urban artefacts of architecture, each imbued with memories and associations as pubs so often are, are linked by a series of new uses relevant to modern Sydney. The Old Clare is a stunning reinvigoration of the past and a sophisticated adaption to the future.

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