The Pavilion by Feldman Architecture

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    Explore a timeless home in Northern California’s San Jose Foothills, The Pavilion by Feldman Architecture, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

    Known for their dedication to sustainability and striking modern residential projects, San Francisco-based firm, Feldman Architecture, has completed a family home in East San Jose ideal for a growing family. Located on a four-acre site in the foothills, the home, which consists of two stucco wings and an all-glass pavilion, blends seamlessly into its surroundings. 

    The living room gets a cosy vibe thanks to a Bo Concept sofa and built-in fireplace.

    The centre volume, which holds the main living spaces, features Monarch Plank pre-finished wood flooring, a Sub Zero Wolf range and EcoOutdoor Pacific Bluestone.

    The homeowners, a couple who work in tech in the nearby Silicon Valley, wanted a home “far enough away from the hustle and bustle where they could relax and pursue their love of gardening,” Feldman Architecture project manager Jess Stuenkel says. And when they first found this site in 2012, they jumped at the opportunity to start working with the architects. 

    The site was vacant and a large area had been cut and filled into the ridge as the previous home had burned down. This flat “scar” as the firm calls it, was something they definitely wanted to fix in the new design. “Instead of sitting abruptly at the edge of the hill, the building is nestled back toward the earth,” Jess says. 

    To make use of the site’s unusual topography, Feldman came up with a three-volume structure with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage, totalling 4,000 square feet. The structure has been placed in a way that it’s hidden from public view, affording the family even more privacy. It features a low-slung bedroom wing, guest and office tower and forward-projecting glass pavilion that houses the primary living spaces. The garage is tucked below the natural slope. The best part of this house? The incredible views of the sweeping hillside and Golden Gate Bridge below. 

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    On warm nights, the family can open up the bevy of glass windows and enjoy dining al fresco.

    The home features a CastConnex structural steel bracing system and black steel Fleetwood windows.

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    The back volume, which holds the office, garage and guest quarters, is tucked away.

    “When thinking of their future home, the clients expressed a desire to accommodate a growing family and provide space for children to flourish and play both inside and out,” Jess says. They also were enamoured with iconic modern architecture, clean lines and minimalism, all which shine through in the finished home. 

    The goal was to create a home that complemented the hillside and “dissolved into distant views, while giving the owners a space that feels both protected and private but engages the greater landscape and farther views.” In addition to yielding a design that complemented the land, the architects had to build an entirely new access driveway to fit the site. 

    Overall, the home is a striking example of modern architecture that works in tandem with its environment. 

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