The Schaller Studio

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    Located in the heart of Bendigo, Victoria, The Schaller Studio is the latest addition to the Art Series Hotel Group’s collection of innovative stays for the creative traveller. In a world where “cultural accommodation” gets bandied around all too often, The Cullen and The Olsen have long been go-to abodes to rest weary heads for many artists, designers and art lovers in transit or on vacation.

    The Art Series celebrates artist Mark Schaller as their most recently acquired hotel namesake. As one of Australia’s most prominent working artists, Schaller’s work spans decades and disciplines with his pieces found in major public and private art collections around the globe.

    “When I paint, everything else becomes irrelevant; there’s no one to tell you what’s right or wrong. You can be…as you feel”  explains the artist. Schaller’s work is inspired by a poignant observation of daily life, wit, colour and form. It’s no coincidence then that The Schaller Studio is full of vibrant original pieces and exciting ideas such as art libraries and a TV channel dedicated to art.

    The Schaller is by no means out of place in a city that boasts respected art institutions such as The Bendigo Art Gallery (one of Australia’s oldest and largest regional galleries) and The Capital Performing Arts Centre. Onsite painting classes, minibars full of regional produce, designer Lekker bikes on hand, and worldly staff are giving this great city much to boast about. So…when will we see you in Bendigo?

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    Get Inspired – Large scale mosaics, sculptures and original works surround communal spaces so you can fully immerse yourself in the creative process.

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    Sleep on it – A night or weekend of total art indulgence awaits, every small detail of The Schaller, right down to the cushions designed and supplied by On The Sly, has been designed to spark new ideas.

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    Not just rooms – Each “workspace” features Art Series signature bedding, a private balcony an art library and plenty of natural light, these are spaces designed with an artists mind.

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    The oh so tough to-do list: Stay inspired while taking in Bendigo scenery from creative work desks, or bed – we know which we would opt for. Rooms are available in Queen or Twin options.

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    A hop away from Bendigo’s art precinct, shopping and restaurants, why not see what’s coming up at The Capital Performing Art’s Centre.

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    Onsite Cafe – The Pantry, serving you fresh local produce with that good old charming country hospitality.

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