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    Lucy Laucht, head of social media at J.Crew, first came onto our radar after meeting up with mutual friends, interior designer Camilla Lempriere, and PR maven, Sophie Ball in NYC a few years back.  We were welcomed in with open arms and promptly worded up on ‘who was who’ in the city that never sleeps with Lucy Laucht’s lust worthy Instagram touted as ‘the one to follow’.  So of course we did.

    After a few failed meeting attempts in person it was over email that we got to know Lucy a little more as we started to live vicariously through her travels around the world – all in the name of work. Now you too can share in the wanderlust escapades of this well shod traveller by checking in on Lucy’s new travel site, These Foreign Lands. Today we share with you Lucy’s Palm Springs personal recount to get your inner travel bug itching…

    Palm Springs | USA

    People told us two things about visiting Palm Springs in July. They said it would be hot, like as in the too hot to get in the pool kind of hot, and secondly, that it almost never rains. Well, they were bang on the money about one thing. It was hot. Really hot. And despite a couple of rare-as-hen’s-teeth rainy days, it was beautiful, empty and quiet. We scored cheap flights and an amazing, mid-century house in Las Palmas (our place was opposite a William Krisel house). The key to survival is to be in the pool, or in air conditioning, but never far from either. Once you have that down, it’s time to start living like you’re in a Slim Aarons photograph.

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    The Parker Palm Springs. A spa, beautiful gardens, yellow and white stripe beach umbrellas, a croquet lawn, the choice of multiple bars, that infamous drugs sign. What’s not to love.

    We stayed at 28 Palms Oasis. The house was perfect for seven people, came with requisite pool & air conditioning, 28 palms (we counted) and a jaw-dropping view of the San Jacinto mountains.

    We mostly grilled, cooked and made various frozen margarita-themed cocktails at our house, but here are a few must visits…

    Workshop for amazing, farm to table deliciousness in a really cool industrial space.

    The Ace Hotel for brunch and an on-point Bloody Mary.

    Cheekys for breakfast.

    Earnest coffee for Stumptown coffee and delicious oatmeal.

    Parker Palm Springs for cocktails. Indulge in a game of tipsy croquet.

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    The Palm Springs Modern Tour is an absolute MUST if you are into mid-century modern architecture. Make sure you buy the Julius Shulman: Palm Springs book.

    Vsit the house with the infamous (on Pinterest anyway) pink door, the colourful Saguro, and the Richard Neutra Kaufmann House. There’s so many infamous architectural gems in Palm Springs, but these were some of the highlights for me.

    For a more indepth, self-guided tour, download the Palm Springs Modern: Mid-Century Architecture Tours App.

    Palm Springs Art Museum 

    Visit the Moorten Botanical Garden, an amazing collection of very photogenic cacti & succulents.

    If you can’t stand the heat, time your visit to Modernism Week in February.

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    For more travel inspiration see These Foreign Lands.

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