Totokaelo Store | Seattle

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    Shopping can be a nightmare. Clutter, poorly organised spaces, horrid lighting…shall we go on? This is not the case, however, with Seattle based store Totokaelo. The enormous, wide open and airy space with a predominantly white palette is anything but claustrophobic. There’s an array of time honoured and classic essential pieces with a mix of edgier, trend driven styles. The store carries some of our absolute favorite designers like Woman by Common Projects, Acne, Jil Sander, and Margiela. The white surroundings are dotted with black, navy or otherwise neutral sartorial offerings. Everything is neatly in its place – an absolute must for people as hyper-critical as we are about organisation….and order.



    The store’s founder Jill Wenger and friend Mark Kincaid came up with the unusual name of Totokaelo (pronounced TOH-toh-KYE-oh) with the interiors representative of Wenger’s aesthetic preferences – from the exposed beams and rafters to the display units and lighting details.






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