Towers Road House by Wood Marsh

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    Reinventing the home as living sculpture, Towers Road House curves and meanders its way across its generous and carefully curated landscape and creates a series of moments that engage with the streetscape. Wood Marsh combine a celebration of craft and a curiosity of form to conjure meaningful connections between architecture and art.

    Enlivening the established and traditionally landscaped streetscape of Melbourne’s Toorak, Towers Road House sits behind an intriguing and abstract ribbon. As an imaginative expression and preview of the home to be revealed behind, the threshold that encases the home is almost its own piece of public art. Influenced by Christo’s infamous Running Fence installation, the insertion acts to highlight the undulation of the site and bring the attention back to the naturally occurring forms in the landscape.

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    The sunken lounge and custom seating create an ideal gathering space and reference the 1970’s popular conversation pit, centred around a contemporary indoor fireplace.

    Wood Marsh have created a home that challenges the traditional response, and instead of referencing the formal European influences of its neighbours, stands as a sculptural expression of its own. The resulting home is rich in its own character – from its curious curves to the way it engages with its natural and wildly sprawling landscape. The sense of privacy created in the landscape, softened by rounded edge retreat spaces, offers a counterbalance to the bold and confident architecture that it coexists with.

    Arcs along the outer edge of the building become an inviting nook for the landscape and public space to meet and diffuse the traditional site boundary line. Although sculpturally inviting, the home has no open glazing to the street, and instead looks inward on its north facing garden. The tension created through an openness, which is at the same time is closed, creates an interesting interplay between what is expected and how the owners chose to engage with their home.

    The contrast between the cool concrete structural elements and unlined walls, and the lush deep blue carpet and timber flooring create the perfect foundation setting for the home. The use of dark colours in moments of compression internally amplify a sense of drama, while lighter colours and larger panes of glass fill larger spaces with natural light and become more of a gathering space.

    Through combining principles of public art and with a changed interpretation of what a home should and can be, Wood Marsh have injected a sense of intrigue into its otherwise formal locale. The bold use of concrete is softened by the informality of the surrounding curated landscape, as they both offer a private escape from the urban infill for its owners. Towers Road House challenges the expected and instead graciously offers something invaluable to the public realm in return.

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