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    We recently met the lovely Cassandra Turner at a Space Furniture event in Sydney and felt like we had run into an old friend. As you can probably imagine attending design events can be a little daunting at the best of times. Walking into a room of serious faced design aficionados with a withering stare that can flatten you at 50 paces does take some getting used to. It’s like turning up for the first day at a new school – everyone looking at you to work out how you fit in. Good times!

    So running into Cassandra right at the top of the night was a welcome relief. We got chatting, discovered that not was the friendly Design Director and Interior Designer busy working on residential and commercial interiors for her own clients through the Turner & Roberts studio in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, but that she had also just recently finished a reno on her family’s terrace house in Paddington. So of course we asked if we could share it with our Est readers.

    Est Magazine Turner and Roberts Living Room

    Est Magazine TurnerRoberts8

    Est Magazine TurnerRoberts Kitchen1

    Est Magazine TurnerRoberts5

    estmagazine turnerand roberts bathroom

    Est Magazine TurnerRoberts3
    Est Magazine Profile Image

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