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    Due in part to it’s minimal, functional design ethos, Copenhagen, the second largest city in Scandinavia, is home to some of the most visually appealing interiors we have come across here in the Est office. The charm that is simple, pared down Scandinavian design is infectious, and has not been passed over by design studio GamFratesi in their recent project on the city’s shoreline. Design junkies, revel in the beauty that is Verandah Restaurant. An Indian restaurant located in The Standard building that plays homage to the traditional ‘outdoor living rooms’ of India, where family and friends gather to eat, drink and socialise.

    Verandah’s design is the work of design duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi with the original 1930’s building housing the restaurant serving as inspiration for the design process. GamFratesi’s goal was to create a ‘colonial style space with a warm and intimate feel’, wanting to dispel the wide held myth in Denmark that  Indian cuisine equals fast food. The husband wife design team drew on their combined Dutch and Indian heritage to develop the concept of indoor/ outdoor entertaining and created a podium made of Dinesen floorboards to evoke the feeling a traditional verandah. The use of outdoor furniture incorporating trees with fragrant flowers also enhanced the outdoors feel. Elements like the Beetle Chair and the Haiku Sofa, designed respectively for Gubi and Fredericia Furniture, added the clean, sophisticated touch so closely associated with Scandinavian design.

    In a recent interview on Dinesen, Gam and Fratesi note their inspiration often comes from the most unexpected of moments. “Contrasts are often a source of inspiration for us. Both in our work and in our everyday life, we are constantly confronted with contrasts, and we often work with different references” say the designers.

    Though the couple work mostly under the design ethos of functionality over form, Italian shapes and design elements also play an influence in their work. Muted grey’s and pale blues with limed floors and lashings of white paint stay very much in line with the Scandi palette, while copper light fixtures remind diners this is, after all, an Indian restaurant.

    Est Magazine Vernadah Copenhagen

    Est Magazine Verandah Restaurant Copenhagen gamfratesi 01

    The Beetle Chair by GamFratesi

    Est Magazine Verandah Restaurant Copenhagen gamfratesi 02

    Est Magazine Verandah Restaurant Copenhagen gamfratesi 03

    Above: Nub chair by Andreu World at Ke-Zu and TS Table by GamFratesi for Gubi

    Est Magazine Verandah Restaurant Copenhagen gamfratesi 05

    PHOTOGRAPHY; Enok Holsegaard 

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