Villa Kalos

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    It is hard to believe that just 4 years ago Villa Kalos, on the beautiful Greek island of Ithaca, lay in ruin and was completely abandoned, save for a flock of local birds nesting in the eaves. It was not until South African photographers Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene discovered the withered old building laying forlornly in the surrounding countryside of Lahos, that the home’s potential as a guest house was realised.

    The couple came to Ithaca on a mission to fulfil their dream of creating a home for the design conscious traveller looking to spend their holidays overlooking the peaceful Greek countryside, with the azure waters of the Agean only a few minutes away. With the help of the much loved locals, Gerda and Robbert have successfully resurrected this beautiful stone building and turned it into a luxurious, sublimely understated, yet perfectly adorned, boutique villa for all to enjoy.

    Sitting proudly upon the terraced gardens that surround the home and the 6,000 square metres that the property occupies, overlooking almond trees and the olive groves dotting the nearby countryside, the only sound that can be heard are the goats bleating to eachother across the fields. We can’t decide if it’s the salt water pool overlooking the stunning island vistas, or the promise of no technology, just peace and quiet, that has us enthralled.

    The interiors are almost made to our specifications when is comes to design for a Greek island villa – cement floors, stone walls, polished concrete benches, limed timber beams, fine muslin drapes on the windows and layers of linen. Sleeping 8 guests the only problem you are going to have in staying here is who to invite – friends or family?


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    Bedroom 3 22526 

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    PHOTOGRAPHY © Robbert Koene

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  1. Ithaca is indeed gorgeous. I have been visiting since I was a child as it is the birthplace of my ancestors. Just don’t go looking for it in the azure waters of the Aegean as it lies in the turquoise waters of the Ionian, just a few islands to south of Corfu. The villages of northern Ithaca are within easy walking distance of each other and to a number of beautiful beaches.

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