The Vipp Chimney House by Studio David Thulstrup

  • VIPP Chimney House by Studio David Thulstrup

    Studio David Thulstrup takes the Vipp brand to new Nordic heights, transforming a Copenhagen landmark into a third Vipp hotel, the Vipp Chimney House.

    When founder of Danish brand Vipp Holger Nielsen designed the pedal bin in 1939, he had no idea this humble product would eventually sow the seed for a design universe of accessories, furniture and kitchens; or be the catalyst for a hotel design concept.

    Vipp created an immersive brand experience firstly through their own Vipp Shelter at Lake Immeln in Sweden, followed by the Vipp Loft in Copenhagen. Now they’ve added a third new addition to the line, the Vipp Chimney House on the harbour of Northern Copenhagen.

    Vipp entrusted one of Denmark’s most talked about architectural and interior designers Studio David Thulstrup to convert the heritage-listed building into a guesthouse. An outstanding showcase of the Vipp brand and ethos, David Thulstrup’s work exemplifies how contemporary design can revamp a historic setting without effacing its architectural heritage.

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    An industrial overhang from the 19th century, the Vipp Chimney House was built in 1902 as a water pumping station, with a 35-metre high minaret chimney added in 1928. Studio David Thulstrup founder and creative director David Thulstrup says it was a dream architectural project because he had so much creative freedom, from the architecture to the finest interior detailing. “Although I was encouraged to make it edgy, liveability was still a guiding principle. I wanted it to have the personality, functions and aesthetics of a private home,” he says.

    The Vipp Chimney house now spans two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a large open plan Vipp kitchen, dining and living space. The ceiling height reaches 8.5 metres in the atrium, with a skylight view of the old chimney.

    The overarching structural change to the building was a new steel upper level that follows the gabled roofline of the original building, acting as a modern counterpoint and reflecting Vipp’s most-favoured material. A deep opening was made into the facade leading to a new external terrace, while the existing arched windows were extended to the ground floor and turned into steel frame glass doors.

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    “The Vipp Hotel is our take on haute-couture in the design business. Each room is custom-fitted and is executed with an extreme attention to detail. But instead of being unattainable spaces, you can actually check-in.”


    – Kasper Egelund, CEO and third generation Vipp owner.

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    An architectural highlight in the Vipp Chimney House is the U-shaped staircase, reminiscent of Studio David Thulstrup’s Artist House. Dividing the living and dining spaces, the geometric staircase is clad in extruded aluminium panelling like the facade of the Vipp Shelter. “With the staircase I wanted to amplify cues from the matt black of Vipp’s universe,” David Thulstrup says. “The top landing is totally black, but naturally lit from above by a large skylight that creates an atrium-like feel around the hardcore metal staircase.”

    To respect the foundations of the original building Studio David Thulstrup ensured nothing touched the exterior walls, where the new volume containing the bathroom was set off the wall. “The pitch of the original roof is highlighted by a strong line and material change identifying the extension,” David Thulstrup says. “The existing facade walls are treated with a warm grey render so you sense the brick. This approach to the detailing honours the character of the building and delineates the new work.”

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    Vipp’s philosophy of fewer but better products for modern ways of living is evident throughout the Vipp Chimney House. From their signature pedal bins, bathroom module, to the streamlined kitchen, each evokes function over form and staying power over trends.

    In addition to Vipp’s product range, Studio David Thulstrup selected bespoke pieces, from the door handles to the pendant lamps made from stacked perspex discs accentuating the pitched roof above the dining table. Custom-designed cast terrazzo ties the open plan ground floor together, while large slabs of warm grey terrazzo line the bathrooms.

    Other design highlights include the Pumpkin Swivel Chair by Pierre Paulin in Haakon by Kvadrat from Lignet Roset, and the Brushed Aluminium Shelf made by Schollerstaal. An array of art is also on show, including the NR1 from Void Series by Thies Wendt and the Buddy Sculpture by Aneta Regel.

    Just like its predecessors, the Vipp Chimney House typifies the innovation and sensibility of the Vipp brand. With Studio David Thulstrup’s intervention, the former water pumping station has been reborn as one of Copenhagen’s most exclusive places to spend the night.

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