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    Vipp is the company behind the iconic pedal bin range we have all come to know and love. We’re now obsessing over their new stainless steel module kitchens that have been designed to compliment their eponymous bins.

    Bringing the industrial look into the home with a whole new sophistication never seen before, the Vipp range now includes everything from bathroom cabinetry, shelving and mirrors, to salt and pepper shakers and organic bath towels to compliment their monochromatic palette of black white and shades of grey. Completely. Obsessed.

    We spoke to Chief Designer at Vipp, Morten Bo Jensen about his Copenhagen home and how he lives with an iconic Danish brand in his day-to-day life.

    And yes, those twins are for real! Have you ever seen hair like it?

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    How long did it take you to convert this loft to a functioning home for a family of 4? When we took over the place it was part art gallery, part private home, with some of the original (read unattractive) structures and plaster walls that were added later on. But it didn’t matter – we could instantly see the potential of the building. 156 sqm (+182 sqm on the roof that are to be developed). The factory building dates back to 1910 and our part/floor of the building was built in 1936 and was designed to host “60 women for lunch and change of clothes”. The conversion took six months.

    Can you describe the area in which you live? Islands Brygge Copenhagen – it is a refurbished harbour area close both to the city centre and large green areas of Amager. The area has received massive government investments including a public harbor swimming pool and is in general undergoing a significant development – and it’s fun being a part of it.

    Vipp mbj flat 10 © Anders Hviid Haglund Est Magazine

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    Vipp Interior © Anders Hviid Haglund Est Magazine

    What were the key concepts or ideas that you based your homes design on? Open (social) space, flood of light, functional use of every square metre, combined with furniture of lasting quality and personal things.

    What do you love most about where the home you have created? The (Vipp) kitchen. It is like a bridge on a ship where you can oversee and take part in what is happening in the rest of the apartment. And at the same time you have a great, almost soothing view up into the sky and down to the harbor.

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    What product do you love using the most in your own home? The Vipp Table, it’s the centerpiece of many daily activities and both the design and the materials used really support this.

    What are you working on at the moment? We are working on a huge & super interesting project, as well as several more regular projects that will help to move the Vipp brand even further into other areas beyond the kitchen and bathroom.

    And last but not least – we really want to know – what is it about Danes that makes them just so stylish? Probably by not deliberately thinking too much about being so, but having a functional/practical approach and prioritizing good quality and craftsmanship.

    Vipp mbj flat 7 © Anders Hviid Haglund Est Magazine

    PHOTOGRAPHY Anders Hviid Haglund



    Vipp + Merci Est Magazine

    Vipp Pedal Bin designed by Holger Nielsen in 1939 reborn as a limited edition by be-pôles for Merci Paris

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    Large White Vipp 913 Mirror with wet room secured glass | Large White Vipp 922 Shelf 

    Vipp Trivet Est Magazine
    Vipp 263 Black and White Salt and Pepper Mill | Vipp 268 Small and Large Trivet Set designed by Trivet by Morten Bo Jensen



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