VZUG Showroom

  • Est-Living-Whiting-VZUG-Showroom©Tatjana-Plitt_004

    It would seem that transforming the way in which our kitchen and laundry appliances are designed to work is not the only focus of Swiss brand VZUG – they want to transform the way in which we experience a kitchen and laundry showroom too.

    Wanting to imbue both style and substance to their new look showroom in east Kew, Melbourne, the design led brand of course turned to the Whiting Architects team to create a VZUG showroom that inspires rather than quashes the design senses. Linen curtains draping steel framed windows and pooling onto oak lined floors, leather cabinet handles by MadeMeasure, and  Paris au mois d’août lighting have been used by the Whiting team to create intimacy and warmth.

    While for many the idea of shopping for whitewoods plays second to wanting to stick needles in the eye, this showroom masterpiece fills us with inspiration in the kitchen and feeds our deep yearning for a laundry space that we actually enjoy being in. Bet you did not know how much fun shopping for white goods could be…


    PHOTOGRAPHY: Tatjana Plitt

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