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    We love a collaboration it’s true, but when we see one of our favourite Dutch stylists and Est contributors collaborating with a fashion brand founded on the mantra of ‘feet on the ground, heads in the air’, we can’t help but get a little bit excited.

    Established in 1992, YAYA takes their design inspiration from travelling the world and embracing the different cultures met along the way. Recently they asked AnoukB to help them with their re-branding and the restyling of their head office to reflect the companies ethos and values.

    YAYA is a label for busy women that appreciate the little things as much as the big. It’s for women that are optimistic for what the day holds ahead and who appreciate luxury – but do not live and die by it. We can not think of a more perfect woman than AnoukB to be given the charge of defining what it is to be a modern woman of today.

    In true AnoukB signature style the result is a perfect blend of casual insouciance with a restrained colour palette that is both modern…and just the right amount of quirky.


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