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    Yoga to go is my kind of mantra when it comes to doing yoga. I want to go, but I just struggle to get there. Or any exercise class for that matter. But then again how can I honestly expect to get to a class when I play taxi driver for three children from 5.30 until 8am in the morning, and then from 5 until 7pm at night – with an actual job to do in between.

    And I don’t know about you, but I really hate bright plastic exercise gear taking up floor space in my home.

    H.A.T.E it.

    Sharing an exercise space at home with my fit, lithe 15 year old son is an absolute punishment at the best of times – even more so when I have to shield my eyes in the morning from the bright, garish blue fit ball staring at me in the corner of the room and the revolting purple plastic yoga mat rolled out before me.

    In order to be inspired for exercise I need to feel like I actually want to be around the gear that I will be using as my tools. While searching for inspiring exercise equipment to get me moving I was excited to come across this collaboration between design studio Visibility and apparel brand Outdoor Voices and their ‘Shapes Bundle’ fitness kit.

    Consisting of a light cork triangle block, a birch wood roller to iron out the muscle cricks, a bold dark blue square yoga block and a natural felt yoga mat complete with soft body cushioning on one side and floor gripping on the other, the bundle comes wrapped tougher with a fabric resistance band that is far easier on the skin than the rubber tube option sold in stores. This in one set of exercise equipment that you can be happy to leave lying around, off duty they become sculptures for the home.

    To get you started on your own pursuit for wellbeing, and looking good while doing so, I thought you might be interested to take a look at the Outdoor Voices Grey OV Kit below. Because of course you need the right outfit too…

    Est Magazine OV Kit

    The OV Kit in Grey

    Est Magazine Outdoor Voices2

    Est Magazine Outdoor Voices1

    Est Magazine Outdoor Voices5

    Est Magazine Outdoor Voices


    Est Magazine Yoga copy

    1. Full Court Classic Sweatshirt in Grey

    2. We are Handsome Eon Active Leggings in Black

    3. State of Escape ‘Escape’ Bag in Black

    4. Woman By Common Projects Original Achillies Low in White


    PHOTOGRAPHY: Leandro Farina

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