Zoute Apartment by TJIP

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    Enter a bespoke studio apartment suite by TJIP in Knokke-Heist, Belgium inspired by the country’s coastline. 

    Belgian-based interior architecture practice TJIP are known for their portfolio of timeless homes designed within tight space restrictions. They were called on to refurbish a petite accommodation space by the coast with their quietly pared-down aesthetic. Designed as a place to retreat to, the Zoute Apartment is surrounded by luxury retail stores, cafes and restaurants  – all within walking distance of the Het Zoute beach.

    Reflecting the light and sand of one of Belgian’s most renowned beaches, the home is embrued with a warm palette of cream, beige, linen and rattan. Pastellone flooring runs throughout, made from lime, recycled brick and stone. The Italian-made sandstone island bench – a nod to the home’s surroundings – features an integrated sink and a place to sit, while a 2-burner induction cooktop lies discreetly behind mesh cupboard doors.

    Soft sheers elegantly drape onto the floor and diffuse the light, contrasting the masculine black tapware, joinery handles and light-switches. A textured neutral rug defines the living space and adds warmth to the home, adjacent to the bed and wardrobe. TJIP co-founder Thomas Meesschaert says that the reasoning behind the home’s flexible colour palette is its ability to tailor to the season. “The home embodies a sense of freshness during summer, however remains warm during cold winter nights,” Thomas says.

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    Black tapware in the kitchen.

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    The kitchen bench is comprised of sandstone with a deliberate raw edge; a tactile material testament to the traditional Belgian aesthetic.

    A rain shower and bench-mounted marble sink capture the luxurious essence of the holiday home in the bathroom, positioned off the home’s entrance. The client gave us complete creative license and followed everything we suggested. Thanks to this, the result is 100 per cent authentic TJIP design,” Thomas says.

    Lifting colour cues from the coastal locale, TJIP have managed to seamlessly integrate a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living area and generous storage within the compact parameters of the apartment, without compromising on function or aesthetic.

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    The bathroom is plastered floor-to-ceiling in microcement.

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